September 25, 2022

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The UN continues to monitor the events in Colombia

United Nations-. UN calls for progress in Colombia General Secretary of General Secretary today said that the officials were carefully followed where the police were violent incidents among popular demonstrations a month ago.

In this sense, the spokesman reiterated the call of the United Nations to respect the right of the people to protest peacefully and demanded that action be taken by the security forces in accordance with human rights.

All acts of violence and harassment must be stopped, and the spokesperson emphasizes the need for all-encompassing and peaceful dialogue to find a solution.

Hugh pointed out that Carlos Ruiz Massieu, the representative of the UN Secretary-General in Colombia, works with the Catholic Church to guarantee and assist in the dialogue between the Bogot அரசாங்க government and the National Strike Committee.

Juliet de Rivero, head of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in Colombia, is also taking part in the event.

Similarly, Hugh called for an investigation into numerous reports of human rights abuses in the framework of popular protests.

Regarding the peace process in that Latin American country, Secretary-General’s spokesman Ruiz Massie confirmed that he was working hard to continue on the right track.

More than 40 people have been killed and hundreds injured in protests in Colombia, according to the UN’s official news site.

This Friday marks a month of national strike against the policies of President Ivan Duke and continues to mobilize in Colombia, while the government is delaying a way out of the crisis.

Politicians, academics and journalists from around the world have called on the authorities in Bogota to end the violence and war treatment provided for social protests.

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In a joint statement, they condemned the police crackdown on civilians and the use of firearms by civilians in particular.

In this way, they joined the international outcry against the condemnation of the opposition in this South American nation, including Daniel Jadu (mayor of the Recoletta Commune in Chile), Fernando Casado (Spain), Geraldina Colotti (Italy), Guillermo DeLierre (leader of the Communist Party of Chile) and others.

They also demanded that the US government withdraw its economic, political, diplomatic and military support for Ivan Duke’s administration.

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