November 28, 2022

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The unemployment group has called for a rally in Bogota against President Duke

With 99.79 percent of the electoral record processed, Peruvian presidential candidate Point Pedro Castillo has surpassed his opponent, Keiko Fujimori, on Tuesday, after looking around the initial results provided by the electoral authority.

The Office of the National Electoral Processes (ONPE) provided an update of the data on a web site so that people can track the turnout.

Based on these data, the Peru Libre, Castillo candidate received 8,735,448 valid votes, which equates to 50.20 percent of the correct votes.

For its part, Fujimori holds 8,663,684 valid votes, representing a total of 49.79 percent of the vote.

Similarly, candidate Castillo thanked those who were aware of the will of the people expressed in the last elections on June 6 and called on election officials to respect democracy.

“According to our representatives, we have the official statement of the party that the people have imposed themselves on this achievement, which is why I urge you not to fall into provocation,” said a representative of Peru Libre.

The first cut of the initial official results of the second round of elections presented by ONPE leader Piero Corvette Salinas was announced at midnight on Sunday, with Fujimori Castillo leading by only 42 percent of the record.

This afternoon, the latest election records came to Lima (the capital) from the Fitzgerald district of Manu province, similar to the jurisdiction of Tambopota, thus completing 100 percent of the election material withdrawal in the region.

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