October 4, 2022


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The United Kingdom Amber Travel List includes the Balearic Islands

London, July 14 – Passengers returning to the UK from the Spanish islands of Ibiza, Mallorca and Menorca will have to be isolated at home if they are not vaccinated twice. Govt, After a change in the rules indicating bad news for young vacationers.

The UK has one of the fastest vaccination programs in the world, but the government has so far effectively blocked travel to most countries through isolated regulations and costly diagnostic tests.

London has introduced a three-color system that categorizes countries based on risk Govt-19. People returning from those countries have to follow different rules from regular check-ups at home and self-inflation and at home and in expensive hotels.

From next Monday, fully vaccinated passengers will be allowed to travel without isolation to all countries except those at high risk. Govt-19, they are on the red list, however two tests have to be done P.C.R. From Govt-19 (three if not vaccinated).

However, the government said on Wednesday that the Balearic Islands would be added to the amber list, meaning that those youths who have not yet been vaccinated twice will have to be isolated at home for 10 days when they return.

These islands are very popular among young British tourists.

Britain’s sick aviation and tourism industry is longing for a full summer vacation. While the department has welcomed the removal of segregation for “amber” countries, it said the new change to the list would undermine confidence.

“Changes between countries at different levels are undermining consumer confidence in an already unpredictable booking season,” said Tim Alderslate, CEO of industry body Airlines UK.

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The British Virgin Islands have also been upgraded to amber, while Cuba, Indonesia, Myanmar and Sierra Leone are red-listed, meaning anyone traveling from there must be isolated for 10 days in a hotel.

As of July 19, the government had greenlisted Hong Kong and Bulgaria, the report said.