October 7, 2022


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The United States has condemned Nicolas Maduro for once again depriving the Venezuelan people of free elections

The official bench in Venezuela was awarded with 20 of the 23 companies in the South American country.

Photo: Miraflores Press / EFE

WASHINGTON – The United States condemned Monday Government of the President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro has “once again” lost the participation of the Venezuelan people in the “fair and free” electoral process.

During Sunday’s local elections, US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen said in a statement that the regime had changed the process of deciding the outcome of the elections long before the ballots were cast.

In this regard, the US diplomat cited, among other things, arbitrary arrests and harassment of political and civil society actors, criminalizing the activities of the opposition, Manipulation of candidates’ veto and voter registration across the political spectrum.

He stressed that more than 250 people were arbitrarily detained for political reasons, Denying the Venezuelan people their right to express their views freely and to choose their own leaders.

Blinken considered these practices to be an end to political pluralism and “to ensure that elections do not reflect the will of the Venezuelan people.”

For this reason, he reiterated the US call for the Maduro regime It must stop its repression and allow citizens to live in a peaceful, stable and democratic country.

“The United States supports the people of Venezuela in their desire to restore democracy peacefully through free and fair elections, with full respect for freedom of expression and peaceful assembly,” he said.

He also recalled that his government supported the talks between the Venezuelan people. Attempts by opposition leader Juan Quito, whom the United States calls Venezuela’s interim president.

“We will continue to work with Venezuela and our international partners to use all diplomatic and economic tools to press for the release of all those who have been unjustly detained for political reasons,” Blingen said.

Venezuela’s ruling United Socialist Party (PSUV) won Sunday’s local elections, winning 325 of the country’s 205 mayors, confirming the results already sent 99.2% of the time, the National Council said in an election (CNE) today. .

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