July 2, 2022


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The United States, the United Kingdom, Israel and Romania have all pointed to a “collective response” against Iran.

Madrid, 3 Aug. (Europa Press) –

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken on Monday called for a “joint response” from the United States, the United Kingdom, Israel, Romania and Iran.

“We are in close contact and co-ordination,” Blingen said at a news conference condemning Iran’s “biggest irresponsibility”.

Thus, the head of US diplomacy, Tehran, in this attack, posed a “threat to the navy, to trade, to innocent sailors engaged in trade in international waters.”

“We have conducted a thorough review and we are convinced that Iran carried out this attack,” the secretary stressed, pointing out that the incident follows the “pattern” of previous attacks in the country.

The United States has been maintaining its accusations against the Gulf state of Persia since Monday, when the Romanian government joined Monday – one of the dead was a Romanian national – and summoned Iranian ambassador to the country Syed Hussein Sadat Maidani to address the matter.

Blinken and UK Foreign Minister Dominic Robb on Sunday formally accused Iran of carrying out a “planned and targeted” attack on an Israeli businessman-led company-owned Mercer Street oil tanker in Oman.

Iran has denied all responsibility and has denied the first allegation by Israeli Prime Minister Naphtali Bennett. Thus, a Foreign Ministry spokesman, Chad Jadejpade, condemned what he considered to be “criminal games” on the part of Israel, arguing that “there is no basis” for Bennett’s allegations.

The ship’s managing agency, Zodiac Maritime, announced on Friday that two crew members had been killed in the attack and noted that “details of the incident have been established and an investigation is underway.”

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The Persian Gulf region has been at the center of a hidden dispute between Iran and several western states, especially the United States, and many such incidents have taken place in recent years.