January 18, 2021

The victim of the NDG stab was the one who attacked the loose again

The victim of a random stab at NDG says he is angry and frustrated to know that the person who attacked him is big again, for the second time in two months.

Matthew Robert was on parole after Schmidt attacked Brandes five years ago after making time for the assassination.

Brandes approached the CBC last night to be notified by the Canada Correction Service that he had been issued a warrant for his arrest.

This is the second time Robert has slipped out of the house in half. In November, he was monitored and arrested.

Amendments Canada This time, Robert confirms that he was on a large scale illegally from 7pm on Tuesday night. Due to privacy rules, other details could not be confirmed by the federal agency.

Brandes says he felt he had a responsibility to let people know he was relaxed.

Matthew Robert stabbed Smerd Brandeus on Mangland Avenue five years ago. (SPVM)

“I want to see them take this seriously. He’s guilty again,” Brandus said. “It’s almost a miracle that I’ve come here to tell my story.”

Brandes, 27, came home from Concordia University at the Villa Maria metro station and walked down Mangland Avenue when Robert blocked his path on the sidewalk and violently stabbed him in the neck.

“He stabbed me, the knife handle broke and the knife was in my neck,” he said.

Brands had to undergo surgery to remove the blade.

He was worried and insisted that now he knew he was older.

Robert was sentenced to seven years in prison for the incident, but served about four and a half years. He was granted conditional release to a half-house in September.

Brandes says he was not surprised when he found out he had broken his conditions again. He expected to break parole because he did so after he was assassinated.

Brandes asked Canada’s Parole Board to build a half-built house off Montreal Island, but he was told the board had decided it would be better to stay in Montreal so he could better access rehabilitation resources.

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