July 2, 2022


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The victory of the war is classified as the basis for Latin America

Argentina’s Oscar Laborde, head of the Democratic Watchdog Organization of the Southern Parliament (ParlaSur), described Latin America today as fundamental to the recent presidential victory of young Chile’s Gabriel Borik.

In an interview with Contexto journalist Hector Bernardo, Labourde stressed that the victory of the war was “great news for Chile, Argentina, Latin America and” all of us who dream of and fighting to make this diversity a pole in the world. .

The head of the Barlasur Democratic Observatory was an observer during the election process in Chile.

In this regard, he stressed that they were made in a transparent manner, although – he said – some experiments, (presidential candidate Jose Antoio) are trying to cover up the process by the forces of Castin.

They said that if there was a difference of less than 50 thousand votes, we would count those votes one by one. But he noted that the biggest difference there was that it encouraged such experimentation.

On the other hand, Labourde pointed out what happened in the electoral process in Honduras and earlier in Mexico, Argentina, Bolivia and Peru, confirming that what happened in Chile is a trend and looking for people who are fighting.

He said the outcome of the election and the functioning of the Constituent Assembly were linked to the struggle of the Chilean people and the return of the MAS (Movement for Socialism) to the Bolivian government.

He further added that all this indicates a tendency to include the possibility of Luis Inacio Lula da Silva being elected President of Brazil.

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