October 4, 2022


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The volcano in La Palma enters a new eruption phase

The airport was closed when volcanic rivers from the La Palma volcano erupted into the night air on the Spanish island When an eruption intensifies and enters its most explosive phase.

The eruption of the Gumbre Viza volcano, which began last Sunday, It has intensified and is felt in most parts of La Palma, Which included an increase Pyroclastic material discharge.

Since the eruption began Sunday on a small Atlantic island, Gumbre Viza volcano spewed thousands of tons of volcanoes, It destroyed hundreds of homes and forced the evacuation of nearly 6,000 people It was still one of the three most threatened areas.

As many as 160 people were evacuated from three more cities on Friday, officials said Saturday They cannot return home to retrieve their belongings Due to“Evolution of Volcanic Emergency”. Experts said The volcano entered a new eruption phase.

“Volcano monitoring measurements recorded the highest energy activity ever since the eruption began Friday afternoon,” emergency services said in a statement Friday night.

Spanish airport operator Aena (AENA. MC) said Saturday The island’s airport was closed.

“La Palma Airport was not functioning because of the accumulation of ash

In addition, the level of ash emissions has intensified Airlines that operate affiliates with La Palma from other islands in the archipelago (Binter Canarias and Canaryfly) flights should be suspended.

La Palma, with a population of over 83,000, It is part of an archipelago consisting of the Canary Islands.

On Friday, firefighters withdrew from clean-up operations in Todok, airlines canceled flights, and authorities evacuated the cities of Tajuya, Tacon de Abajo and Tacon de Arriba. After opening a new vent on the side of the volcano.

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The videos shared on social media showed a huge shock waveIt emerged from where it exploded on Friday.

No serious injuries or deaths were reported from the eruption. But about 15 percent of the island’s economically important banana crop is at risk. Endangers thousands of jobs.

Assistance to victims will increase

The damage caused by the volcano in La Palma is significant, so is the president Pedro Sanchez announced today that the entire island will be declared a “disaster zone” And said the executive would recognize immediate assistance to victims.

In addition, work will begin on a multi-pronged long-term restructuring plan: urban planning and housing to rehabilitate the first roads and energy and water supply networks, promote renewables and launch a tourism resume project.

But not only does it come from aid agencies, but the similarity is clear From the moment the volcano erupted.

An example of this is the farmers who do all they can to help the evicted people, and this sector, although mostly focused on bananas, Due to the eruption there is an uncertain future and its function at this time andIt is practically discontinued.