August 8, 2022

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The wave of COVID-19 in France could peak at the finals of July

Photo: Charles Platiau / Reuters.

El presidente del Consejo Científico de Francia, Jean-Francois Delfraissy, consideró este jueves que The new wave of infections of COVID-19, due to the subvariant BA.5, could reach its peak at the finals of July.

En su declaration vaticinó una nueva oleada en el otoño de la subvariante BA.5 “si no está dominated por una nueva variante”.

Delfraissy drew a parallelism with what happened last year, then with the variant Delta, whose “peak was produced towards the end of July and then there was a second peak that was produced in October and November, we expect the same for BA.5”, he said. .

Segne the centrifuge The actual epidemic that is being produced in France is provoked by the subvariant BA.5 derived from Ómicron.responsible for the COVID-19, la cual “no es más grave que las demás”, pero es “altamente transmissible”.

In any case consider that the high rate of vaccination reached should allow the hospital system not to be overwhelmed by the influx of patients with serious or severe forms, and avanzó la possibility de “renudar la vacunación entre las personas mayores”, antes de que llegue el otoñoy recomendar likewise a la población adulta una dosis de refuerzo.

(Information from Prensa Latina)

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