October 4, 2022


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The world wants them to lift the embargo on Cuba, Lopez Obrador insists

Mexico-. Wanting to lift the embargo against Cuba is not new, Mexico and the world have long been asking at the UN General Assembly, President Andres Manuel Lபpez Obrador stressed today.

To illustrate his commitment, the president showed the United Nations last vote at its morning press conference, in which they voted against the siege of 184 of 193 countries, while only the United States and Israel opposed it and three voted in favor.

The president made the remarks at a morning press conference at the National Palace on the campaign promoted by Universal, Reforma and other conservative media against his government for calling Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Colonel a freedom and highlight. Issue at the Summit of Latin American and Caribbean Community.

He denied that the call would affect relations with the United States, saying that Mexico was akin to friendship and that we were not going to face anyone as conservatives wanted.

Our enemies want us to fight with the United States, but because they do not like the call for the presidency of Cuba, they will give up the desire; They are not right, we have a good relationship with that government and with Washington.

He recalled that this was not only a declaration against the siege as it was in the UN, but also a proof that it had no right to prevent or suppress another person by trying to prevent this injustice.

Regarding the media campaign, he said conservatism is very perverse, but that the Mexican government conforms to the foreign policy established by the constitution.

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We are a free and independent country, which uses the supremacy of Jurassic as peace between people and nations, respect for the rights of others, the President endorsed.

So, I look forward to his future, because we must seek the unity of all the people of the United States, because the United States cannot continue with the idea of ​​the United States, which has nothing to do with the United States.

The region belongs to everyone and everyone, and domination and domination do not apply, he stressed.

A nation cannot interfere in the decisions of other people and must respect the principle of people’s intervention and self-determination, he affirmed.

Regarding Cuba’s relations with the United States, he recalled how President James Carter agreed to the agreement proposed by General Omar Dorijos. That means the main income of that country today.