September 30, 2022

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The “zombie frog”, a species found on the Amazon, only comes to the surface when it rains

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Sticky orange. With red spots on strong skin. The new zombie frog discovered on the Amazon surprised a team of biologists in Chengenberg with its indescribable ability to hide underground. After several months of study, they realized that they did not see one, but three different species with the same basic characteristics. The humid forest continues to provide unpublished organisms to science.

Below the Amazon foliage

Photo: Getty Images

The findings will be published in the journal Zoologizer Ansiger. Apparently, Frogs belong to the narrow family of frogs, which are usually small and rounded. These waterfalls live all over the world, hiding under the ground for the need to keep their skins moist.

This condition forced the frogs to sleep off the ground with bare hands for analysts to analyze. ‘Zombie frogs’ are surfaced only during heavy rains because they allow the water to stay moist enough to survive.

In addition, the habitats of these waterfalls are difficult to access for scientific research. The name was inspired by the same name announced by Dr. Rafael Ernst of the Chengenberg Natural History Collection in Dresden: “It’s a somewhat bizarre and muddy system that encouraged us to use the zombie name Synapturanus.”

40 mm only

Photo: Getty Images

Despite its strong appearance, according to a team of biologists, The three species identified did not reach 40 mm in length and had 12 characteristics in common, Which grouped them under the genus Synaphturanus. Ernst’s team estimates that they extend across the rainforests of Guyana, French Guiana, and northern Brazil.

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Ernst says that science does not pay much attention to this genre. After all, because of how difficult it is to find them and enter their ecosystem. In addition, the expert explains, their distribution areas are really small. Combined with the fact that they are hidden underground, observation is almost impossible.

After all, the race’s regular calls are “very difficult to distinguish” because they write at trial. However, the discovery of the Amazon ‘zombie frog’ opens up fertile new ground for biological research. Meanwhile, Ernst promises that there must be at least six in the world’s largest forest, which has not yet been noticed.

(Taken National Geography)