November 28, 2022

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Theos-Colonel congratulates President of Peru Cuba ran Granma

Congratulations to the President of Peru on his victory in the election and the overwhelming support of his people.

President Congratulations to President Castillo Terons of Point Pedro! We salute him from Cuba and wish him success in his administration, ”the Cuban head of state shared from the social network.

In a statement, PL expressed its desire to succeed in governing the Bolivarian Alliance (Alpha-TCP) for our US-People’s Trade Agreement, on the path to developing its own national development model and strengthening Latin American and Caribbean unity.

“The Coalition looks on with great confidence that this popular victory will contribute to the strengthening of indestructible ties among the people of the great homeland,” he concluded.

From Twitter, Castillo thanked his people for this historic victory and said it was time to call on all sectors of society to “build together, in these twenty years, one big, one big, one big free.” And for the rights of all.

He called on the Afro, Coastal, Andean and Amazonian people, the working class and their unions, indigenous and agricultural communities and the community to do for that beautiful homeland. “Today, sisters, a new phase in our history begins,” the South American president said.

This Monday, more than 40 days after the second round of elections, Peru’s Liberal Party’s candidate was announced as the country’s leader, winning 50.12% of the vote, with 49.87% against right – wing Keiko Fujimori, according to the Office of National Electoral Processes.

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