October 4, 2022


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They are increasingly emphasizing digital transformation and the use of data science in the healthcare sector

Havana, September 21 (ACN) Directors Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP) Cuba today, in fact, intervened 59 Directing Council of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) They addressed the need for the use of data science in public health and the digital transformation of the U.S. sector, based on the island’s experiences in dealing with the COVID-19 epidemic.

Ileana Morales Suarez, Director of Scientific and Technological Innovation at MINSAP, confirmed that policy aimed at using data in the health sector strengthens both leadership and the management of complex health processes.

Immediate processing and the use of consistent and accurate data allow for timely decisions and this has been demonstrated during these months of Govt-19, the use of digital tools for epidemiological management.

He explained that Cuba has a strategy for the improvement of health and information systems.

A statistical information system that responds to health programs is structured so that its application creates better knowledge in decision making and is protected by scientific and technological innovations in this field, he noted.

Similarly, in recent years there has been progress in medical robotics, precision medicine, nanoscience and neuroscience projects.

Despite the progress, we consider that we are moving to a qualitatively high level in the application of this data science, as well as in the use of artificial intelligence and many other technologies, as the levers for the development of the Cuban health system. .

For his part, Karel Bartholomew Akilar, Director of Information Technology and Communications at MINSAP, said the digital transformation of the healthcare sector is a major challenge and requires a design tailored to the characteristics of each country.

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The Govit-19 epidemic is an example of the importance of this digital transformation. In the particular case of Cuba, projects were developed to improve the maintenance of the population through the joint work of experts in the field with other expert scientists.

He noted that these computer solutions have been used in research, monitoring laboratory results, availability of hospital beds, managing information from medical laboratories, remote consultation of cases and population control.

It uses large data tools and mathematical models to predict the behavior of the virus in the population and allows for adjustment of the national coping plan and patient care protocols.

Barthelemy Aguilar, In order to implement the guidelines for the digital transformation of the health sector in the region of the United States, it is necessary to strengthen cooperation between countries and PAHOs to advance the creation of a shared platform for all member states that will allow for the exchange of knowledge on digital transformation processes.

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The PAHO’s 59th Council of Directors, in a virtual session since yesterday, brings together health ministers and other officials from countries and regions of the region with the aim of analyzing the response to the Covit-19 epidemic and key challenges. The United States is still facing this issue.