September 30, 2022

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They ask to investigate Bolsanaro in Brazil in corruption case – Brenza Latin

“I filed a lawsuit in the Federal Supreme Court today over a serious complaint that the president did not take any action after a major corruption scandal was reported in the Ministry of Health,” said one of the complainants, an MP. Randolph Rodriguez.

Rodriguez serves as deputy chairman of a Senate commission (CBI) that investigates the government’s actions, shortcomings and negligence in dealing with the Govt-19 epidemic, which has caused more than 500,000 deaths and about 19 million epidemics in the country.

Legislators Jorge Khajuraho and Fabiano Contrado submitted the announcement to the Supreme Court, and the representative in the case will be Judge Rosa Weber.

Based on the confession given by the brothers Luis and Ricardo Miranda at the ICC last Friday, Congress announced that the High Court would be executed.

It is now up to the court to decide whether to ask the Attorney General’s Office to open a formal hearing on this case.

According to the Penal Code, foreclosure means ‘delaying or failing to perform an official act, unnecessarily, or doing so against the explicit provision of law to satisfy personal interest or feeling’.

Such a crime is one of the crimes committed by an officer against the public administration.

At the Parliamentary Board of Inquiry, the Miranda brothers told Bolsanaro about the different pressures they faced in purchasing Kovacin, the Indian vaccine against Kovit-19.

They denounced irregularities such as making millionaire payments in advance to a company that did not appear in the contract in the negotiations.

According to Luis Miranda, Polsnaro, who heard the report on the suspicions, said Ricardo Barros, the head of the Chamber of Deputies government, had been abused.

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He commented that the federal police would be initiated to investigate the case, and denied that Burroughs had committed the offenses.

According to Rodriguez, after the stories of the Miranda brothers at the ICC, it is understandable that Bolsanaro had knowledge of a criminal network involved in the acquisition of Kovacs and “had knowledge of who was involved in the criminal scheme.”

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