July 2, 2022


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They attached sensors with seals to monitor Antarctic conditions

Washington, Dec. 29 (Brenza Latina) Scientists have attached CTD satellite sensors to the heads of eight seals to study the maritime and environmental conditions in Antarctica, the American journal Limnology and Oceanography revealed today.

Complex ship-based studies were replaced by this half-kilogram instrument attached to marine pineapple mammals, the authors who conducted their analysis between March and September 2017 said.

Technology developed in recent years is necessary to determine the properties of seawater over the entire column of conductivity, temperature and depth (CTD) and to evaluate its appearance, which are expanded in the published text.

After comparing the data sent from the instrument seals, we found that warm, low-salinity water appeared in the ground in the fall, and its depth increased with the progress of the season, they explained.

By adding other specimens to them, we show that the constant east wind in the autumn causes the flow of warm water from the shelf to the surface, and that additional dams may occur towards the landscape.

In fact, they stressed, simultaneously recorded label dive information, pointing out that hot, low-salt water has a positive effect on food-seeking behavior.

The researchers noted in their overall findings that the wind-driven physical process could improve prey availability in the Antarctic coastal marine ecosystem.

Nobuo Kokupun, assistant professor at the National Polar Research Institute of Japan and editor-in-chief of the study, explained that previous investigations had shown physical processes in the region using southern elephant seals and instruments attached to seals.

Antarctica is one of the most biologically productive regions of the world’s oceans due to the high amount of nutrients generated by the interactions between the ocean, sea ice and ice sheet.

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