October 4, 2022


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They commemorate the massacre at the Spanish Embassy in Guatemala (+ PHOTOS)

Guatemala, January 31 (Prinza Latina) Today marks the 42nd anniversary of the burning of the Spanish Embassy in Guatemala (CUC) with the Mayan Festival and Virtual Council.

Members and relatives of the organization that killed 37 people on a day like today, led by state security forces led by dictator Fernando Romeo Lucas in 1980, have called on the government to bring justice to the victims.

“Because we never forget the color of blood”, “They and they taught us the way, their footprints will never perish”, “No forgiveness or forgetfulness, justice” began as the slogans of this day of tribute. With a Mayan ceremony and flower offering.

Forum participants recalled the path of leader Grigorio Yuja, who escaped the attack, was abducted that night from a hospital where he was recovering from serious injuries and was later tortured to death.

Assassination Embassy Spain Guatemala

His body appeared in front of the Rector of the University of San Carlos de Guatemala, they described.

In a statement, the CUC recalled, “Maintaining impunity for many years and corruption has made it easier for many human rights abuses to go unpunished, and only 30 years later did they begin prosecuting those responsible.”

In this sense, they reaffirmed the need to fight for justice and impunity.

Assassination Embassy Spain Guatemala

The Ricoberta Menzu Foundation has released a statement 42 years after the death of Nobel Peace Prize winner Vicente Menzu’s father.

“Remembering the historical memory and protecting the legitimate truth of a people will prevent crimes against humanity from happening again,” the text stressed.

The CUC said other commemorations took place in Banzos, Alta Verapaz.

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