September 30, 2022

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They consider the Ecuadorian president’s serious involvement with the Pandora documents

In an official statement, the organization that unites the majority ancestors of this South American country cited a recent report by the Constitutional Guarantee Commission of the National Assembly, in which legislators believe the president has failed to comply. Observation of the Ethical Agreement approved in the popular consultation in 2017.

According to population rules, possession of property or capital is prohibited in countries considered tax havens, as it encourages tax evasion by high-ranking officials or officials in public office.

“Guillermo Lasso’s involvement with the Pandora documents, the current crisis and the situation of social upheaval that Ecuador is going through with many crises: unemployment, setbacks in labor rights, historical insecurity, the prison crisis, attacks on the agricultural sector,” Coney said.

In this regard, he said, it would help to initiate changes in the current financial and financial conditions that have led to the country’s biggest and most inhumane social injustice, in which case it is the moral duty of all citizens and authorities to use the necessary sanctions. People.

We remind government spokespersons of the protection of “tax evasion legitimacy” that the hidden resources in tax havens are the plunder of society as a whole, and that it is the plunder of the general taxpayer who plays his part. The federation insisted.

According to the ruling, tax havens include tax fraud, theft, embezzlement, poverty, obscene wealth and social inequality.

“Now, while trying to justify the tax evasion of one of the richest presidents in executive history, he declares a lack of resources for the budget plan, which is $ 291 million to $ 278 million for health and education,” he ruled.

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According to him, these resources are depleted due to tax evasion by financial and economic groups.

According to Connie, if only Guillermo Lasso and the economic groups pay at least two percent tax on their income, as happened to small entrepreneurs, the state will charge at least an additional $ 1,306 million, enough to avoid a financial cut. In important fields.

Estimates of this phenomenon contradict the payment of about one percent of the income of the rich, many of whom have accounts in foreign companies and tax havens, whose wealth is hidden, facilitating low-income tax returns.

The report of the Constitutional Guarantee Commission, which was approved on November 5, concluded that the head of state has a “direct connection” with tax havens.

The information for analysis in the parliamentary committee is based on data provided by legislator Monica Palacios, which proves that the transfer of shares of their foreign companies carried out by Lasso is official after he is registered as a presidential candidate.

The assessment was made on the basis of evidence indicating a possible guilt of tax fraud, based on the disparities in tax payments at different companies of Banco de Guayaquil and Lasso Group.

In general, the issue raises controversy because the attorney general, Eduardo Carmigniani, the supervisor of Panama Banks, reported that on September 15, 2020, the shares were exchanged just days before the appointment.

Political analysts, however, see the current situation as creating a situation of regime crisis due to a lack of support and credibility for the president, which does not allow for a maneuver to implement the national development plan.

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