September 30, 2022

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They describe the prison system in Brazil as a humanitarian tragedy – Brenza Latin

“We have a very expensive, inhumane, degrading and useless prison system that only serves to humiliate people or infiltrate the organized crime world,” Mendis acknowledged, noting that mass imprisonment is more important than solving the problem of violence. Public safety.

The recent wave of violence in Manas, the capital of the northern Amazon, “demonstrates this situation because initial reports indicate that buses, public buildings and orders to attack people came from inside prisons.”

Mendes was a spokesman for a joint habeas corpus in which the SDF’s second chamber provided house arrest for all detainees who were parents or guardians of children under 12 or disabled.

Such a condition is that they do not commit violence or serious threats and crimes against their own children or dependents. According to the minister, about 32,000 prisoners have benefited.

For the first time, a judgment adopted by the High Court aimed at verification was discussed.

Agreed to hold a second chamber hearing to clarify the doubts and difficulties in complying with this decision.

Opening the discussion, Mendes cited a report by the Parliamentary Inquiry Commission into the prison system set up by the Chamber of Deputies in 2009, stating that ‘the majority of prisoners in Brazil receive worse treatment than animals: waste as human beings. ‘

There are numerous and dangerous examples of physical, psychological and sexual violence, depositing people in unhygienic conditions, experiencing torture and ill-treatment, and the dominance of criminal units in prison environments, the magistrate said.

Brazil ranks 26th in the list of countries with the highest prison population in the world, despite a declining prison population during the Covit-19 epidemic.

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According to a study by the G1 news portal, 322 people are in prison for every 100,000 people.

This ratio takes into account the number of inmates in the prison system (just over 680,000) and the number of inmates (approximately 213 million).

According to a recent report by the National Court of Justice released on June 2, Brazil recorded 449 prisoners killed by Covid-19 and 81,214 victims since the onset of the epidemic.

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