November 28, 2022

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They describe Venezuela – France as a sinless election simulation in Latina

During the balance of the process, the highest representative of the electoral system also stressed that the participation of the people exceeded expectations and that the results were satisfactory.

He promised the objectives of testing on the fly the installation of flying instruments, visits to regions, the establishment of constitutions and tables, the initiation of the process, the flow, the operation of the ponytail.

“Today we have wrongly fulfilled that purpose. The massive participation of citizens in this extraordinary exercise was recorded in the media,” Calcadilla stressed.

The experiment was attended by national observers, comrades and international observers, as well as members of the Council of Latin American Electoral Experts (CELA) and some guests from the Carter Center.

Executive Vice President Delcy Rodriguez said, “The people of Venezuela have come back to reaffirm their commitment to democracy, to respect the duty of sovereignty of the people and to ensure that we have the most secure electoral system in the world.”

From his Instagram social networking account, the senior official released a video where he expressed satisfaction with the process and assured that the country was preparing for the November 21 elections, which he considered a great victory for democracy.

The Vice President also outlined the role of military personnel in ensuring security in all states of the country.

He also noted the recent statements of EU High Representative Joseph Boral, who will be the regional body that will legalize the elections.

‘Sadly, painfully and surprisingly, these kinds of statements seek to change the sovereignty of the Venezuelan people after the EU signed an agreement with the CNE that guarantees the neutrality and neutrality of its electoral process. In the opinion of some foreigners, he noted in this regard.

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