September 30, 2022

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They present new evidence against those accused of sabotage in Venezuela – Escompre

Tarek William Saab has presented new criminal charges against those accused of trying to sabotage the National Electoral Council (CNE) warehouses.

Dorek William Saab, Attorney General of Venezuela. (Photo: PL)

Venezuela’s Attorney General, Tarek William Saab, on November 17 laid fresh charges against those accused of attempting to sabotage the National Electoral Council (CNE) warehouses.

The magistrate, in a televised appearance, recalled that on November 13, Dimas González, José Miguel Acuña, Francisco Moya and Keiner Gutierrez were interrogated in connection with the desperate attack on Philas de Marichi in the state of Miranda.

In addition to the commission allegedly abducted to Gonzalez and Aguna, he declared that the prisoners were pre-qualified for crimes such as terrorism and association.

The lawyer explained that one of the citizens, who was near the warehouses, was surprised by the police and when he was told to stop, he fled and was arrested in the mountainous area where Aguna was guarding the object of the attack.

Police seized four fuel drums, 10 metal cylinders with two copper cables and three transparent bottles of cloth and various leaflets, according to information provided by the Ministry of Police in practice.

Chab stressed that the prisoners’ plan was to sabotage and obstruct the polls on Sunday, November 21, and to destroy all election materials and machines in CNE warehouses that were ready to be distributed to polling stations.

The previous day, as part of an action plan to protect regional and municipal elections, a large security force of more than a thousand officers, including 940 lawyers, was deployed.

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