October 4, 2022


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They recommend investments to grow tourism – Brenza Latina

Creative and development activities have shrunk by 29.7 percent due to the lack of tourism activity as a result of the Govt-19 epidemic, and the organization reports that more than 62 million jobs have been lost in travel and tourism.

As the sector moves towards recovery, it is essential to understand the priorities for public and private investment in rebuilding the economy and opening up the full potential of the travel and tourism sector, said Julia Simpson, President and CEO. WTTC Administrator

As a direct result of the disease, investment in the entertainment sector fell from $ 986 billion in 2019 to $ 693 billion in 2020.

To restore this block, it is necessary to provide an efficient environment in which smart taxation, travel policy, diversification, integration of health and hygiene, effective communication and qualified and trained personnel, Simpson said.

The WTTC, in its report, argues that governments and places should invest in the physical and digital infrastructure – with the participation of the private sector, but also in various sectors such as health, medicine, sustainability, adventure, culture, LGBTQI and accessible tourism.

He argues that intervention in physical infrastructure and connections is necessary to facilitate tourists from large cities to second and third places.

This means improving the supply of accommodation- options for individual travelers and families- more transport options with quality hotels, direct flights, quality roads and rail networks and recreational activities.

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