October 6, 2022


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They will set up a commission to fight poverty in Puerto Rico – Brenza Latin

According to a recent U.S. census of 3.2 million people under colonial rule in the Caribbean, 58 percent of Puerto Rican children live in poverty.

Faced with this reality, the organization, which will be formed by 19 representatives from the public and private sectors, led by Family Minister Carmen Ana Gonzalez Magus, will work towards the goal of overcoming this burden. The country is down after nearly 122 years of military occupation by the United States.

In addition to the Minister of Family Affairs, the Commission will be made up of those responsible for the Departments of Finance, Economic Development and Commerce; Education, housing, labor and human resources; Agriculture and Sanitation, among other authorities.

Pierre Lucie will appoint one representative from the private sector and another from the University of Puerto Rico (UPR), one-third from the Higher Education Private Institution.

“This government is committed to developing a public policy that aims to ensure the physical, social, emotional, educational and economic well-being of our children and youth,” Pierreloci said.

He promised that he would work to join forces to combat the impact of poverty on our families, minorities and the elderly, using an approach to facilitate access to many programs and increase efficiency in providing government services.

Puerto Rican President Puerto Rico has said it will need to invest $ 4,400 million a year in the long run to tackle child poverty on the island of Greater Antilles.

The 19-member Advisory Council will evaluate the Youth Development Agency’s recommendations to combat poverty and disadvantaged people, as well as community initiatives submitted under the federal fund from the Social Services Grant package.

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Among the economic measures proposed to combat child poverty are the promotion of labor participation, the creation of incentives and the introduction of strategies to remove the most important barriers to employment, such as childcare and preschool availability and extended time in schools.

He pointed out that the financial plan, certified by the Board of Financial Oversight (JSF) imposed by Washington prior to Puerto Rico’s bankruptcy, follows years of trauma caused by child poverty and natural disasters and the public health crisis. Low-income families should be given priority to reduce barriers to employment.

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