September 30, 2022

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This is our last hope: The COP26 Climate Summit kicked off in Glasgow

This is a critical time for the world to show real commitment to climate change. This Sunday, 100 countries are attending the COP26 Climate Summit in Glasgow, which has been postponed to 2020 due to an epidemic.

“COP26 is our last hope to keep temperatures below two degrees Celsius and 1.5 degrees Celsius,” Sharma said at the start of the UN-sponsored event.

The Paris Agreement states that if the CO2 emissions reduction targets are reached after five years and move towards a cleaner future, the subscriber countries should review. Activists from all over the world have come to the Scottish city, among them the Swedish Greta Dunberg, who took him before a crowd of followers who came to receive him.

Ahead of the 26th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26), chaired by the United Kingdom, All 197 signatories or parties must declare a new nationally determined contribution (NDC) – their strategy for controlling rising global temperatures.

Short-term emission reduction

The first challenge of COP26, which runs until November 12, is to ensure that the aggregate NDCs’ ambitions of 1.5ºC are kept alive, indicating that states will take drastic cuts in addition to carbon neutrality before 2030. 2050Nick Mabe, director of the E3G Climate Research Center, told EFE.

Although the United Kingdom, including the European Union or the United States, has significantly increased their ambition over the decade, it is now expected to know the status of large polluting large economies such as China, India or Russia.

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We are on the edge of the razor, Mabey agrees, however, which can add up to eight gigatons equivalent to CO2. Before the summits, everything seems very negative, but there is pressure to pursue it, he says.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson acknowledged that it would be very difficult to close a radical agreement in Glasgow.

To achieve the required reductions, The British government is urging countries to eradicate coal, combat deforestation, use electric vehicles and increase investment in renewable energy.

Therefore, from COP26, agreements can be reached on these points and reduce methane emissions – from fossil fuels or agriculture – which, according to the UN, is the quickest way to reduce global warming.

Even with so many compromises The target of 1.5º C is still a long way off, so it is expected that plans for the future to continue the fight from this summit will emerge.

Tools and funding for developing countries

Second, the success of COP26, which has secured the arrival of about 120 leaders, depends on the implementation and extension of the commitment made by developed countries in 2009 to provide a total of $ 100 billion annually to assist states. Change.

Without this funding, poor countries that find it difficult to obtain bank loans will not only not be able to strengthen themselves in a situation that is not normally created, but will be reluctant to act to reduce their emissions.

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In the same line, The third challenge for COP26 is to find a consensus to provide compensation to countries most affected by climate change – even if emissions are reduced., In order to protect natural habitats, the world is in danger without it.

The so-called loss and damage unit will need funding so victims can restore ecosystems, create alarm systems and strengthen infrastructure to avoid the loss of homes, livelihoods or lives, says Royal expert Anna Aberg. International Affairs Institute.

The fourth objective of COP26 is to finalize the regulatory framework for the full implementation of the Paris Agreement, specifically referring to Section 6 of the International Carbon Markets, which allows countries or companies that pay more than they need to pay to others. Equal amount of gases.

In the video, enough excuses, it’s time for a change!

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