September 29, 2022

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This is the Congas, the first man-made hybrids

Four Kunga skeletons have been found at the Um El-Marra site in Syria.

Four Kunga skeletons were found at the scene Um el-Marra, Syria.
Picture: Glenn Swartz / Johns Hopkins University.

A team was formed Geneticists, archaeologists and archaeologists are still struggling to gather enough evidence before reaching the final conclusions about the identity of the deceased. Antigua Mesopotamia. EastAnd a kunga, the animal A cross between a donkey and a Syrian wild donkey.

Kungs were animals Valuable and costly in Mesopotamia Six times as much What an ass these are There were big animals Used by Royalty to pull Their War chariots or His imperial vehicles, Small kungs were used in agriculture. But there is his identity Has been in controversy for a long time, As Some researchers believe that The Congas were simple A kind of wild ass.

To find out the true identity of Kunga, the researchers examined some Ancient skeletons That they were Buried In Syria, with the intention of studying Destroy their genetic material and thisDon’t know about LEvolutionary history of the species Equus. Findings I know Published This weekend en Scientific advances.

“The compound between Ancient Genes, During treatment Burial and archeological records show that these hybrids are compatible with valuable kung fu, “said Eva-Maria Geigel, co-author of a study on paleogenomics at the University of Paris.” Ancient Genes Balance A Controversy Very old and helped identify First Equities Hybrids Created by Humans demonstrated their fundamental role in the ‘art of war’ many centuries before the first domestic horses arrived in the region.

Hybrid animals are the result of breeding between different species. Most animals are always infertile (like donkeys, a Mixed between Ass and Horse, or liqueur, a Mixed between Lion and Tiger), i.e. they must be deliberately bred Individually. The size and speed of the kung fu can be used to pull donkeys Cars.

A plate 4,500 years old, where you can see the carts pulling the kung fu.

A plate 4,500 years old, where you can see the carts pulling the kung fu.
Picture: Theory Grunge / IJM / CNRS-University of Paris

The team examined 25 horse skeletons found in a cemetery Near Aleppo From Syrian elite What’s wrong with that Further 4,500 years old. Some animals appear to have been deliberately killed To bury. Analysis of equities indicates that the creatures are not horses or donkeys. This led researchers to believe it might be a hybrid animal. The teeth of the skeletons were worn, indicating that they were worn Bits and rails.

To verify the identity of the skeletons, the team compared genetic samples from the bones with others found. Inside Popular site Turkish archeology With Göbekli Tepe and the last survivor Syrian donkeys preserved at the Natural History Museum in Vienna (already dead).

LThe researchers found that Samples Received In Turkey There were The same species of animals Austria and originated Paternal lineage of skeletons in Syria. Donkey (E. Africanus) Was part ofMaternal heredity Mysterious Equivalent Y Syrian wild ass (E. Hemionus) Was part ofPaternal lineage. Then the Syrian wild donkeys were smaller than the Kunga, so the group believes The remaining wild donkeys are small offspring of early members of the breed.

“It’s amazing to see how These ancient communities dominated Something as complex as the breeding of hybrids, it was a deliberate act: they had a domestic donkey, they knew they could not tame the Syrian wild donkey, they could not. They suppressed Horses. ” Keegel . “So. Deliberately developed a strategy for breeding two different species Connect thus Different properties In each of them they found desirable Species”.

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