October 4, 2022


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Thousands protest in Uruguay against “rape culture”

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Montevideo (AFP) – Thousands of women marched through the center of Montevideo this Friday against the “culture of rape”, a few days after a 30-year-old woman was sexually abused by a group of men.

Under the slogans “it’s not,” it is not conjecture, rape “and” burn it “, feminist groups called for demonstrations in various parts of the country, and a massive march was held in the Uruguayan capital. Cases related to sexual abuse in recent days and especially the incident that took place last weekend.

Early Sunday morning, a woman reported being raped by a group of men in an apartment on the coast of Montevideo, where she met one of them at a night bar and agreed to have consensual sex.

However, at least three men entered the room and abused the accomplice of the person who had brought her there.

“The culture of rape is to perpetuate the inability of men to control their sexual ‘needs’ or ‘stimuli’,” points out the comprehensive declaration of feminist groups calling for protests.

“We face speeches every day that point to fear, silence, and suspicion,” the text adds, calling for more sex education and stronger government action to protect women.

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