September 30, 2022

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Three officials from the Venezuelan Ministry of Economy have been arrested for corruption

Three Venezuelan officials have been arrested for stealing large sums of money from the Ministry of Economy and the National Development Fund

Three Officers Ministry of Economy and Finance Venezuela They Has been detained In order to deduct “large sums” from the company and National Development Fund Five other citizens were arrested in one case, the attorney general said. Tarek William Chop.

“Eight officers have already been arrested, including three officers Ministry of Economy and Finance, For stealing large sums of money from this company and from the National Development Fund, ”Chab said in a statement to public television VTV.

The public prosecutor, who did not elaborate on the amount of the stolen money, pointed out that three officers had been identified Karen Rondon, Anthony Carreno Y Milixi Torres, Established, in the ministry system, in an “illegal” way a Software It allowed them “access.” Accounts From Users Y Passwords Bank“.

Saab explained that the authorities did.Bank transfers Loans from the accounts of the Ministry and the National Development Fund and subsequent withdrawals to various third party accounts or to legal and / or natural accounts where dollars were purchased in the illegal market.

In this sense, the public prosecutor said that “Kerlin Serba, Edinson Perez, Wilker Suarez, Reynoldo Zivira and Abraham Sanchez” have been detained.

Also, the arrest of a former official of the Ministry of Economy is pending, Jonathan Jose Flores Estrada, Who, according to Chap, is Spain, The country you are requesting Handing over.

The Has been detained Accused of crimes “Laundry, Improper access, Fraud And the association, “Saab added, adding that the three detainees” are on their own malicious fraud and crime Misuse of information“.

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“This conspiracy could be repeated in other ministries or private companies. I warn you that these crimes are mutilated. We are not talking about common thieves. Technology is being used to create serious criminal measures against national patriarchy,” he pointed out.

With information from EFE