November 28, 2022

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Titular de UNO asks Caribbean leaders to push climate action

In his intervention in the Conference of Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community (Caricom), held in the capital of Surinam, the titular insisted that the world has no time to lose before the current climate emergency.

Likewise, the highest representative of the United Nations expressed his gratitude to the leaders of the Caribbean for helping to show the way.

He also warned that the small coastal insular states of this region are especially vulnerable to what may be the major challenge for humanity currently: the climate crisis.

Guterres called to promote bold actions that allow an urgent and transformative reduction of emissions with the aim of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

Además, abogó por reformar el sistema financiero mundiale moralmente en bancarrota, ya que los países de desarrollo necessitan acceso a financiamiento, y un alivio o reestructuración de la deuda.

El titular highlighted the leadership in diversity and climate action of the Caribbean region, while describing a series of actions to be taken in the face of the planetary crisis, the current pandemic of Covid-19 and global financial challenges.

The Caricom summit this year comes at a moment of maximum danger, both for people and for the planet, recalled the Portuguese diplomat and referred to the devastating effect of the pandemic on health systems and tourism, combined with economic impacts. of the conflict in Ukraine.

Por su parte, the Mandator of Surinam, Chan Santokhi, stressed in the ordinary meeting of heads of Government of Caricom that now is the time to return to compromise with the efforts to guarantee the prosperity of the people of this region and aspire to not leave a nadie atrás

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Los países caribeños recognosemos que estamos en una zona de paz, “que nuestra fuerza reside en la unidad, que si estamos unidos podemos exercer una influence más substantial”, indicated the incoming president of this regional block.

Desde este domingo y hasta el próximo martes, the leaders of Caricom are meeting in Surinam to celebrate their annual summit, in which they will discuss the implementation of the Single Market and the Economy of the Caribbean and food security, among other topics.

Although Surinam forms part of the South American continent, it is considered a Caribbean nation due to its history, culture and similar challenges that it faces with the small island nations of this area.