October 6, 2022


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Tropical Storm Fred – Operations are underway in Chico de Evila due to the possibility of heavy rains due to the Juventus Rebel.

Despite the alarms caused by Hurricane Elsa last July, Chico de Evila’s eyes did not stop seeing Fred, a tropical creature that had to make its way to the North Coast this Friday morning.

Armando Mursule Hernandez, an expert with the provincial meteorological center, told top officials in the region that all models agree that the atmospheric event Jordins de la Reina will pass close by without reaching the type of hurricane.

“Although conditions did not allow its wind to reach high power, abundant rainfall is expected, with some intensifying domestically,” he said.

Predictions indicate that if behavior is maintained while providing information, this Thursday night in Chico de Evila may appear as a prelude to the arrival of Fred’s first rain creature, whose arrival is estimated at 8:00 a.m. Friday.

However, unlike tropical storm Elsa, the soil today did not show the concentration level of July, as rainfall decreases thereafter, reducing the risk of flooding and indicating that groundwater mantles and reservoirs are associated with rainfall.

According to data provided by provincial representatives of hydraulic resources, the reservoirs are currently 50 percent full and have a capacity of 74 million cubic meters, and the storm is welcome in the province’s groundwater.

The warning point is located on the Los Margaritas Dam, which is currently 98 percent full, which is why it is being monitored as it drains into the lower reaches of the Venezuelan municipality.

Despite the very alarming situation compared to other events, Lt. Col. Raman Martin Fragela, chairman of the Civil Defense Committee of the Provincial Security Council, announced that the organization would be implemented in a reduced system at all levels, including corporations and state agencies.

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The safety of residents in the high-risk areas of Bolivia, Moron and Sambos municipalities was also pointed out, indicating the evacuation of tourists staying in rooms near the beach in light of the forecast of light flooding on the north coast. Especially in Kyo Coco.

Other operations are operated to secure 722 ships and 146 warehouses; Ensuring proper operation of 437 generators that guarantee vitality of hospitals, water sources and other service centers.

In the wake of the heavy rain warning, authorities called for a focus on hospitals and care centers for patients suspected of being Govt-19, the province being the first in the country affected by the current eruption at the time.