November 28, 2022

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Trump insists on presumonto robo de reelection

In a 14-page letter to Bennie Thompson, president of the group of the House of Representatives, Trump reiterated his complaint of an alleged robbery of his reelection and eluded to respond if he testified about his role in the events of January 6 of the past year, he said. The Hill.

La missiva, la cual no es una respuesta formal al pedido de su presencia ante el tribunal, contiene una nueva demanda sobre lo que el exmandadario consideredó un fraude electoral masivo, destacó el medio de prensa.

It includes, in addition, numerous photos intended to demonstrate the number of supporters who supported him in his rally, as well as a breakdown of the behavior of the vote in the 2020 elections in five states, in which Trump lost and was key to his reelection, according to apuntó The Hill.

Questioned again the actual investigation of the Committee, which considered a farce of hundreds of millions of dollars and a witch hunt against those who qualified concerned citizens who protested the fraud.

El representative de California, Adam Schiff, wrote in his account on Twitter that the memorandum of Trump does not replace a testimony under oath and that he expects a serious response on the part of the ex-mandate.

“Siete presidentes anteriores han complido con su responsabilidad de appearer ante el Congreso y Trump debiera hacer lo mismo”, he stressed. En votación unánime, la víspera, el referido comité de la Cámara de Representantes solicitó llevar al estrado al estrado al estrado para aclarar su papel sobre la irruption violenta en enero de 2021 de cientos de sus partisans en el Capitolio.

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Precisely, los miembros del selecto grupo try to demonstrate that the former president is the only one responsible for violence and chaos in the Capitol with his complaints about irregularities in the 2020 presidential elections.

As a consequence of the attack, cuatro personas fellecieron, among them a demonstrator by a shot, otras resultaron heridas, y el edificio sufrió algunos daños en su infrastructure, según cifras no oficiales.