September 29, 2022

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Trump supporters have stockpiled weapons for the Capitol attack

Washington – far right group Pledge keepers Weapons, ammunition and ammunition were stored for 30 days Attack on Congress On January 6, 2021, The Hill newspaper published the news today.

When the victory of the Democratic candidate was officially announced, the Truth Guards (Guards of the Oath) were one of the groups that took part in the attack on Congress. Joe Biden On that date.

According to new government court records, the militant group collected the equipment and stored it at the Virginia Hotel as part of a “rapid reaction force” that needed reinforcements when its members attacked the Capitol, the newspaper said.

The report shows the extent to which the committee was prepared for the long struggle over President Biden’s certificate of electoral victory.

The government notebook shows Oath Keeper members “loading bags and weapons, ammunition and essentials into large containers for 30 days,” the newspaper said, adding that they had arranged their efforts from a Comfort Inn hotel.

Today’s filing seeks to keep Edward Vallejo in federal custody, who is awaiting trial. Vallejo Oth Keeper has been indicted along with founder Stewart Rhodes, and both face charges of treason.

Promise guards who entered Capitol last year were never required to call Valejo for a backup, but the note states that he attempted to launch a drone for surveillance and “espionage use”.

“Vallejo’s conspirators did not execute it on January 6 and did not reduce its risk. Vallejo traveled across the country and stopped himself near congressional operations ready to carry guns and equipment to the nation’s capital. That is what makes him dangerous,” public prosecutors said. Has filed.

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“There is no evidence that he renounced violence or that he believed a guerrilla war was needed after January 6,” The Hill reported.

Meanwhile, the media is reminded of reports by US generals that the country is preparing for civil war in the face of threats from militant groups. US President Donald Trump, As happened with the governor of Michigan, has already been rehearsed for abducting officers in other acts.

Although experts deny the possibility of civil war in the country, the issue recurred after the attack on the Capitol in 2021.