October 4, 2022


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Tuesday, January 18, 2022 (16:00 GMT)

Tonga Tsunami – Sydney (Australia) – After several days of uncertainty, the Tongan government on Tuesday described the South Pacific archipelago as a “unprecedented disaster” confirmed by the tsunami and volcanic eruption that claimed three lives. (SENT) (audio) (Photo) (Sent) Corona virus ———————- WHO – Geneva – Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tetros Adanom Caprias renewed his call for equal distribution of vaccines in the Davos forum this Tuesday, during which doubts remain about the evolution of the current wave of omigran-associated infections. (Video) (Audio) MEXICO – Mexico City – Mexico Corona virus infections have been reported for two weeks now due to the omicron variant and the health sector is beginning to feel an increase in cases, while officials are promoting a global vaccine to reduce the epidemic. (Photo) (Video) (Live) China – Beijing – Lunar New Year trips took center stage in China on Tuesday, expecting millions of trips despite restrictions due to the Govt explosions. In Beijing February 4. By Alvaro Alfaro (SENT) (Video) (Audio) ———————- Cuba Press – Mexico City – Govit-19 Epidemiology and Community Protests over the past year have led to an increase in violence against Cuban government journalists and activists, especially women, as revealed in the “Paper Democracy” report of the NGO Article 19 presented this Tuesday. US Spain – Washington – Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Albarez will discuss with US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen during his visit to Washington to prepare for the next NATO summit and bilateral relations. He is scheduled to meet with Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi. (Photo) (Video) (audio) The Yemeni conflict – Sanaa / Riyadh – Saudi-led military alliance has carried out the deadliest bombing in the capital Sanaa since 2017, with at least a dozen people killed and at least 11 wounded by Houthi militants against the United Arab Emirates. In retaliation for the attacks, official sources and witnesses said today. Seven years after the mysterious death of Argentine Nismann – Buenos Aires – lawyer Alberto Nismann, the Argentine judge is continuing his trial to clarify two big unknown things that revolved around the case: who ended his life? Had, why. Javier Castro Complaint (SENT) (Photo) (Video) USA Justice – Washington – The US Supreme Court on Tuesday heard a case between the Cassirer family and the Spanish Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum over a painting by French painter Camille Pizarro. Was looted by the Nazis and part of an art gallery in Madrid. (Video) FITUR 2022 IBEROAMÉRICA – Madrid – Ibero-America, relies on survival in times of epidemics, especially on prevention and vaccination, the value of SMEs in sustainable development and national and international investment, in this case the Spanish, tourism crisis due to the Covit-19 recovering from a serious situation . (Sent) (Photo) (Video) EU Parliament – Strasbourg (France) – Malta’s famous MEP Roberto Metzola will take over as Speaker of the European Parliament on Tuesday, the third woman in the second half of the Social Assembly until 2024. To hold this position in the history of the European Parliament, as well as the youngest and first to come from a small country in the EU. By Laura Zornoza (SENT) (Photo) (Video) (Audio) Israel Palestine – JERUSALEM – The Palestinian Salhiya family has taken root in their home in Jerusalem since yesterday with an order to evacuate with gas and petrol cylinders as a last resort. Frustrated by the continuing expulsion threats faced by Palestinians in the eastern part of the Israeli-occupied city. Laura Fernandez Palomo (SENT) (Video) (Photo) Microsoft Activision – New York – Microsoft announced on Tuesday that it was paying $ 68.7 billion to acquire video game company Activision Blizzard. Development of sector and metawares. (Photo) (Video) Norway Breivik – Copenhagen – The far-right Anders Behring Breivik today accused himself of being “brainwashed” at the hands of a terrorist network in a double attack that killed 77 people in Norway in 2011. Violent, he believed in nationalism. (Sent) (Audio) Chronicles ————- Pakistan India – Islamabad – During the dramatic partition of the Indian subcontinent in 1947, two brothers aged ten and two separated and left one in India and the other in Pakistan, 74 years later, an online campaign made them meet again. By Amjad Ali (SENT) (Video) Elise Regina – Rio de Janeiro – Elise Regina’s inspiration reflected in her song; An interpretation that erupted from his soul and in a moment traveled from joy to sorrow; The sharp voice that is still alive 40 years after his heart stopped beating on January 19 and crashed all over Brazil. María Angélica Troncoso (SENT) (Photo) JOHN LE CARRÉ – London – This is the world’s worst secret, a hidden book discovered, but for some reason its author did not want to publish it in his lifetime: “Silverview Project”, a posthumous work by John Lee Carey, he A year after his death, the light is now on to show the bitterness of the British novelist and the moral depravity in his country. By Enrique Rubio (St.) (Photo) Great Art – Lima – In the 16th century, the “closed” women of Lima, the completely covered freedom surprised the world, which made them anonymous during the period of restrictions. This Tuesday marks the 487th anniversary of the Peruvian capital’s symbolism. Paula Boyard (Sent) (Photo) (Video) Interview ———- Mercosur EU – Paris – France Demands “more firm and verifiable guarantees” from Mercosur countries against deforestation. French Trade Minister Frank Ryster explains to EFE through the EFE lab / psh [email protected] that Antonio Torres del Cerro (SENT) (photo) (video) approves the union agreement with the EU.

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