September 30, 2022

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Twitter’s nomination mechanism boosts far-right political content – Diario Digital Neustro Boss

Madrid, 23 October.

The company explains that in the ‘Chronology’ view you can choose between a view or an ordered algorithm in reverse chronological order. In this latter case, users see ‘tweets’ from the accounts they follow, but also their favorite content based on their frequent contacts.

According to Twitter, what the user sees in his ‘timeline’ can be described as “a function of how he interacts with the algorithmic system”, they point out from Twitter. In fact, in his new study, he analyzed whether the mechanism of the recommendations would amplify political content.

To this end, it focuses on “tweets” shared by elected politicians from seven countries (Spain, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States) that represent only a small fraction of the political content.

In his analysis, he compares political multiplication in two perspectives of ‘chronology’ and focuses on determining whether there are certain political groups or even the media that have greater multiplicity than others. And it has made millions of tweets from accounts managed by elected politicians in seven countries from April 1 to August 15, 2020.

The results obtained show that there is a multiplication in the ‘chronology’ view created by the algorithm, regardless of which group the politician belongs to or whether he is in power. In the six countries analyzed (excluding Germany), the number of ‘tweets’ shared by political rights accounts as a group is high.

Compared to the media on the left, the proliferation of media located on the right side of the political spectrum in terms of algorithms is also high.

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“We identify what is going on in this study: some political content is being multiplied on the platform,” Twitter said in a statement posted on its official blog. The ethics, transparency and accountability ‘(meta) panel of machine learning has not yet determined why observed patterns occur, depending on the interactions between people and the site.

“By sharing this analysis, we hope it can help us start a useful dialogue with the broader research community to explore different hypotheses as to why we generally see a relatively far-right political multiplication of the content of elected politicians on Twitter,” he concludes. From the company.