July 2, 2022


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U.S. Justice Biden ordered to reactivate Trump’s immigration operation – Brenza Latina

The court therefore rejected the administrator’s appeal against the verdict of a judge in the southern state of Texas, ordering them to resume their plan to remain in Mexico until the asylum hearing.

To the judges of the country’s highest judicial case, the administration has not proven the possibility of success in officially removing the Immigrant Protection Code (MPP).

The Joe Biden administration put an end to that strategy earlier this year, but in April, the states of Texas and Missouri sued the government over the increase in undocumented immigrants in those areas along the country’s southern border.

Defenders of Immigrants believe the plan exposes those who want to live in the north to unhygienic conditions and violence.

The arrests of those trying to cross the border this year have reached the highest number in two decades, a trend that could turn Trump’s tough immigration policies upside down.

Since his presidential campaign, he has promised to change most of the racist policies of his predecessor in the current presidency and to replace them with a more humane and orderly strategy.

However, eight months after taking office, the president is receiving criticism from Democrats and Republicans who believe the border situation is a political drag on the White House.

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