September 29, 2022

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Ukraine and Russia | The United States has placed 8,500 soldiers on high alert, live

This is the case of the PP, who summoned the chief executive to brief delegates and opposition leader Pablo Casado on the country’s position on the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

President of the Spanish government Pedro Sanchez did not attend. Nonetheless, the Secretary of Defense, Margarita Robles, has pointed out that the relationship with the United States is “absolutely permanent” and “a key partner, following the evolution of events with all NATO nations at all times.”

Robles assured that there were only “threats” at the moment and that there was no attack or invasion by any of the actors in the conflict. For this reason, he called for wisdom and an open mind.

Robles recalled that Spain had stationed troops in Latvia for six years, and that Spanish “fighters” had been displaced for years by aerial police operations in the Black Sea.

The government’s defense minister, Margarita Robles, made the remarks in an interview with Gaddafi. The President assures that there is an executive commitment to the dialogue for a “happy ending” and that its “no war” will be maintained.

Let us recall how Kiev witnessed Russia mobilizing troops at various points along the border with the former Soviet Union and raising fears of an attack or invasion of the Kremlin.

“No, I do not think there is anything new in increasing the fear of an immediate attack,” Borel said.

In general, those responsible for foreign policy in their respective countries did not appreciate the risk of an “immediate attack” from Moscow to Kiev, and now Europe will not expel its embassy staff in the Ukrainian capital.

The Community Administrator recently announced the sending of a new package of 200 1,200 million in emergency financial aid and an additional grant of மில்லியன் 120 million.

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The European Commission “is working with member states and allies to prepare for energy and cyber security,” Ursula van der Leyen, head of social governance, while reaffirming the twenty-seventh commitment with Ukraine. .

However, German policy made it clear that “they are preparing for all events” if the dialogue and diplomatic channels do not finally succeed.

According to the head of the social administration, the meeting helped to coordinate the “collective” response to the Kremlin’s “aggressive” behavior towards the former Soviet republic. “The leaders shared an assessment of the seriousness of the situation,” the German leader stressed.

Michael described in a tweet that Europeans and allies would remain “firm and united” in facing the Kremlin’s challenge in Ukraine, and that they feared a possible attack or invasion of Moscow in the former Soviet republic.

The chairman of the Social Action Committee said that French President Emmanuel Macron was present during the conversation with US President Joe Biden yesterday; German Chancellor Olaf Scholes; Italian Prime Minister Mario Tragi; Polish President Andrzej Duda and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The European president made these assessments after the US president spoke with Democrat Joe Biden; Charles Michael, President of the Council of Europe; And NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg et al.

According to the president, member states are preparing for “all the events” that could result in the failure of diplomacy and dialogue recommended by European institutions.

As the agenda for this Tuesday for Congress had already been set, the meeting of the Permanent Council would last throughout the morning and an extraordinary full session would begin at 4:00 pm to add the three mandates. For this reason, the appearance of Alberes can not be held until 8:00 pm.

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The appearance of the head of Spanish diplomacy is scheduled for this time, after a full session which will begin a few hours earlier. The President has not been able to do so before to speak precisely on this issue in Brussels for a meeting of branch ministers of EU member states.

Similarly, he stressed that the deployment of military personnel takes place within the framework of “long-standing permanent missions” and reiterated that the most important thing at this time is “a diplomatic response and betting on a tee”. Increase “.

“The provision of troops is made by Spain as a NATO partner and a serious and reliable partner is no different than anything that has not been done for many years as a result of Spain’s participation in this organization,” the president said.

As Minister Robles made clear yesterday, Spain is already participating in other missions of the Atlantic Alliance.

All three countries justify this decision in the wake of the escalation of tensions between Russia and Ukraine in the conflict since 2014.

These movements, according to this country and the Atlantic Alliance, are aimed at strengthening the defenses and defenses of the Allies and should not initiate a military conflict. Russia, in parallel, is concentrating its military around the former Soviet republic.

Australian Foreign Minister Maris Payne said Tuesday in Newcastle, 120 kilometers from Sydney, “Australia is not ready to offer military involvement.

Speaking to reporters last Monday, Price assured that the readiness warning was “about security and prevention” and that in the face of potential complaints from Russia about these reinforcements, “their aggression is causing the crisis.”

Similarly, Australian Defense Minister Peter Dutton insisted that his country would not be part of a military response to Ukraine, despite Russia saying “its purpose is clear by concentrating troops on the border”.

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According to John Kirby, a spokesman for the U.S. Department of Defense, the main purpose of the decision was to “prevent aggression and enhance the alliance’s ability to defend its allies and defeat aggression.”

The NATO response force has 40,000 soldiers from various countries.

According to the same sources, France is seeking to reduce its military presence in Russia or to publicly listen to Moscow’s intentions.

The talks come at a time when Western nations are working to consolidate their position on the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, which has escalated tensions in recent weeks.

He also held talks with other European leaders, such as British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The president of the Spanish government, Pedro Sanchez, is not on the agenda of the US president.

This situation alerts Western nations who fear that Moscow will set foot on Ukrainian soil or be capable of attacking the country.

However, Kirby insisted that the troops had not yet been sent to Ukraine. Diplomacy “has time and place,” but he insisted that Moscow continue to deploy military troops along its borders with Ukraine.

U.S. officials see “clearly” no intention of escalating the Russians at this time, so if NATO implements its response in the East, it makes sense to give US troops time to prepare. Of the Alliance.

The deployment of about 100,000 Russian troops on the border of the former Soviet republic and the effectiveness of some of Moscow’s military maneuvers have alerted Western nations to the threat of attack or occupation.

EU member states are blunt in the face of an imaginary war situation in Eastern Europe: the economic consequences could be severe if Russia considers setting foot on Ukrainian soil.