November 28, 2022

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Ukraine attacks with rockets Himars ciudad de Stajánov en el Donbass

The representatives of the self-proclaimed republic popular of Lugansk (RPL) in the Joint Center of Control and Coordination of the Alto el Fuego, confirmed via the social network Telegram that the locality received six shots of rockets.

“The bombardment was registered at 03:45, local time, and was carried out from the city of Artiómovsk, controlled by Kiev, and no injuries or fatalities were reported. Se está aclarando el alcance de daños y la destrucción”, referieron las authorities.

This new attack is not the only attack that the Ukrainian forces perpetrated with the Himars systems in the last days. On July 12, representatives of the RPL reported a bombardment with nine rockets in the city of Lugansk.

Likewise, on July 11, the Kiev Army made another incursion with Himars, this time against the city of Nóvaya Kajovka, in the province of Jersón.

Como consequencia de ese acto varias personas fellecieron, mientras que centenares de casas resultaron fuertemente dañadas y tens de infrastructuras quedaron reducidos escombros.

In total, the city of Nóvaya Kajovka was the object of six attacks, three of which were intercepted by the Russian air defense systems.

In front of the escalation of bombardments, the spokesperson of the Russian chancellery, María Zajárova, denounced the day before that the United States provided Kiev with intelligence information and instructors to guide the bombardments with multiple launch systems of Himars rockets against Donbass.

The spokeswoman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia detailed that precisely the supply of these heavy weapons is related to the notable intensification of the artillery of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which, apparently, received the order from Kiev to use foreign weaponry against the población civil sin la menor duda.

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Zajárova affirmed that the list of these barbaric bombardments against the residential areas of the self-proclaimed popular republics of Donetsk and Lugansk, as well as in the region of Jersón, is growing daily, leaving the balance dead and a high number of wounded. rgh/odf