November 28, 2022

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Un avión con 36 pasajeros se estrella en Somalia sin causar muertos

This content was published on 18 July 2022 – 17:54

Mogadishu, July 18 (EFE).- A plane crashed this Monday in one of the runways of the international airport of Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, without causing the death of any of the 36 passengers on board, the airport authorities reported. del país.

“The Authority for the Civil Aviation of Somalia (SCAA) wants to confirm that an aircraft registered in Kenya with the number 5YJXN and operated by Jubba Airways has crashed”, indicated in a statement the director general of the SCAA, Ahmed Moallin Hassan.

“La aeronave llevaba a bordo un total de 36 pasajeros, incluidos los tripulantes. Todas las personas sobrevivieron al accidente”, added Hassan in this document.

Likewise, the director general of the SCAA affirmed that a preliminary report on the accident will be published once the ongoing investigations have been concluded.

The accident happened this morning at 11:28 local time (8:28 GMT) in the main airport of the country – the international airport of Aden Adde – where the UN, the peace mission of the African Union (UA) and the embassies are based. extranjeras. EFE


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