July 2, 2022


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UN calls for recovery of Lebanon The Secretary-General has called

Earlier in the day, at the end of his three-day official visit to the state, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees stressed the need for solutions and concrete steps to improve the recovery.

According to the official UN news site, Guterres called on the people to meet the popular demands for greater well-being, responsibility, security and transparency in order to restore hope for a better future.

He stressed that Lebanese political leaders must fulfill their responsibility to their people and that the people hope that they will listen to their needs and revive the economy.

In addition, he told a news conference in Beirut before his departure that there was an urgent need for an active government, which has strong government agencies and is effectively fighting corruption.

The UN says “Lebanese leaders have no right to divide or paralyze the country.” The Secretary-General stressed and emphasized the suffering of those people.

He also chose to involve more civil society, women and youth in decision making and policy making.

According to the holder, the May 2022 parliamentary election may be a great opportunity for the Lebanese people to have their voices heard and the government to respect those cries.

UN Guterres stressed that Israel’s border, water and air violations on the Blue Line, in violation of Security Council Resolution 1701, were “unacceptable.”

In that regard, he reiterated the origins of the problem, reaffirmed the United Nations commitment to a two-state solution to both Palestine and Israel, and assured that Lebanon’s unity would be respected.

Referring to his visit to the port of Beirut, the Portuguese diplomat expressed his solidarity with the Lebanese people and stressed the need for an impartial, thorough and transparent investigation into the August 2020 eruption there.

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According to UN data, the effects of this catastrophe on the economy have been devastating and Lebanon continues to experience an economic and financial crisis, leaving more people in need of humanitarian assistance.

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