September 25, 2022

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UNCHA affirms solidarity with the Palestinian people in its day

Havana, November 29 (Prensa Latina) The Cuban United Nations (ACNU) today recognized its support for the legitimate cause of the Palestinian people and urged them to adopt concrete steps to ensure the rights of those living in the area.

On International Solidarity Day with the Palestinian people, the UNCHA issued a statement denouncing the Israeli occupation and said the actions, which are carried out on a daily basis in the indifferent view of a key country, are “blatant human rights violations.”

The union condemned the continued illegal occupation of the country’s territory by establishing settlements, the selective assassination of political leaders, as well as the forced relocation and refusal of Palestinian families to return to their homes.

It also retains its condemnation of the Israeli military decree declaring six Palestinian civil society organizations terrorists.

“This decision clearly demonstrates the policy of intimidation, defamation and censorship used by Israeli authorities to undermine the invaluable work of human rights defenders and to cover up their crimes against these people,” the document states.

In this regard, UNCHA expressed concern about the future peaceful coexistence of the two sovereign and independent nations, facing an occupation that led to the removal of borders established since 1967.

“It is imperative that we put an end to the blatant abuse of intentions and policies enshrined in the United Nations Charter, international law and relevant UN resolutions.”

The organization called for an end to the criminalization of legitimate and peaceful efforts to help Palestinians, including children and women, and argued that their rights, including those of refugees and prisoners, should be respected.

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This message reflects the solidarity with all organizations that are with the Palestinian people in the pursuit of a just and lasting solution to the conflict with Israel.

In addition, it protects the Palestinians’ right to self-determination and their right to an internationally recognized, independent and peaceful state.

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