September 30, 2022

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UNESCO has named Santiago de Cuba’s Creative City

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) on Monday announced the integration of the eastern city of Santiago de Cuba into a network of creative cities, one of the recognized genres for its musical contribution.

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The initiative, promoted by the United Nations agency, recognizes the city’s commitment to placing culture at the center of development and sharing knowledge and good practices.

Santiago joins the list of 295 cities in 90 countries for its musical contribution, and the third largest member of the network in Cuba is the capital Havana and the central province of Sancti Spirits in the same category. Crafts and Folk Arts.

Audrey Azole, UNESCO Director-General, said, “Every city needs to create a new urban model with its architects, planners, nature lovers and citizens.”

The official of the international organization called for strengthening inter-city cooperation promoted by the multilateral organization and stressed the importance of developing innovative urban policies and solutions.

Other Latin American cities in Brazil such as Recife and Campina Grande, Colombian cities such as Pasto and Ibaho, Peruvian Huancoyo and Mexican Salaba have joined the Creative Cities network along with Santiago de Cuba.

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