September 30, 2022

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UNESCO integrates Santiago de Cuba into the Creative Cities network

UNESCO has announced the integration of 49 cities into the Network of Creative Cities, including Santiago de Cuba.

In a statement, the organization announced that its general director, Audrey Azole, had appointed these cities to share knowledge and good practices.

Santiago de Cuba entered the list of 295 cities in 90 countries for its musical contribution, including handicrafts, design, cinema, gastronomy, literature and digital arts.

Previously, two Cuban cities were connected to the network: Havana (music) and Sancti Spirits Province (handicrafts and popular arts).

Casa de la Trova. Photo: Offer Magazine.

Raouliser Garcia Hierresulo, provincial director of culture in Santiago, said the city integrates key elements of the music value chain, including the tradition of creating instruments, the presence of reliably popular carrier groups, Siphony studies and editions of records, the educational training of musicians and all genres of both genres and genres.

Along with Santiago de Cuba, the Latin American cities of Recife and Cambina Grande in Brazil, Pasto and Ibaque in Colombia, Huanco in Peru and Salaba in Mexico have joined the Creative Cities network.

Abu Dhabi, Belfast, Bursa, Cannes, Doha, Gothenburg, Jakarta, Kermanshah, Kuching, Manichaeus, Modena, Naguru, Namur, Perth, Port Louis, St. Petersburg, Srinagar, Tallinn, Tbilisi, Thessaloniki and Weifener.

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