October 6, 2022


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United Kingdom qualifies for expulsion of 300 Afghans in Afghanistan – Prinza Latina

The conservative ruler, who spoke in parliament on Monday, said 192 of those people had already responded to calls from British officials and would do everything possible to guarantee a safe evacuation from the South Asian country.

Johnson, who has received a barrage of criticism for his handling of the situation in Afghanistan, and especially for the cabinet’s inability to bring the Islamic extremist group back to power, refused to confirm the number of British citizens. Were left behind.

Instead, the prime minister congratulated himself on being able to isolate more than 17,000 people since the evacuation began last April and reaffirmed his promise to receive 20,000 Afghan refugees over the next five years.

In the first parliamentary session after the summer recess, opposition Labor leader Keer Stormer reiterated his criticism of the Conservative government and its leader, accusing him of lacking international leadership.

According to Stormer, 18 months after then-US President Donald Trump agreed to withdraw troops from the international alliance with the Taliban and the fall of Kabul, only 2,000 Afghans out of a total of 8,000 have been brought to the UK. .

For his part, former Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn recalled that the invasion of Afghanistan had caused tens of thousands of deaths, so he suggested investigating what happened, especially using military intervention as an instrument of international politics.

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