October 4, 2022


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United Russia approves party candidates and election plan – Brenza Latin

The order for the election of the State Duma (lower house) was signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin on June 17, the same day its official release began the federal election campaign.

Russian law requires parties participating in legislative elections to hold conferences within 25 days of the start of the campaign to nominate their candidates for federal lists and one-time electoral districts.

Majority Parliamentary Political Formation United Russia, the party launching elections in Russia.

The conference will be held at the Krasnoyarsk Expo Center in Moscow, according to the Kremlin press service, the Russian president will speak at the event, describing the main functional areas of the party in the coming years.

The Govt-19 epidemic and the significant increase in the number of cases indicate the nature of Congress, so this meeting will take place under strict epidemiological protection measures.

The party’s press service announced that it had tripled the number of delegates and guests, so the event will be closed by a small group of federal television channels and the Russian print media.

The State Duma has 450 delegates, half of whom were elected from the federal list and the other half from single-order constituencies. By law, the party’s list consists of 200 to 400 candidates, which is divided into a federal constituency, which may have up to 15 members, and regional committees having at least 35 candidates.

United Russia prepares a list of candidates based on the results of the initial referendum (primary elections) in May. Its winners have been shortlisted by regional teams.

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It reiterated that the political formation was to get more than 300 orders in the next elections, which would allow it to retain a constitutional majority in the State Duma. Following the 2016 election, United Russia won 343 seats.

At the same time, they hope that the structure of the future faction in the lower house of parliament will be renewed by about 50 percent of its members.

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