July 2, 2022


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UNWTO plan approved for tourism future

UNWTO Member States; The World Tourism Organization strongly recognizes his leadership and vision for the industry.

During the 24th UNWTO General Assembly in Madrid, Spain, members from all over the world endorsed the organization’s program and key initiatives designed to create more flexible, inclusive and sustainable tourism.

The General Assembly brings together more than a thousand delegates from 135 countries, including 84 tourism ministers, business leaders, and representatives of major international organizations.

In the inaugural session of the Assembly, Secretary-General Jurab Pololicashvili quoted the sense of unity and determination that defined tourism’s response to the unprecedented crisis.

In your presentation Inform members, I would like to clarify how the focus on ethics cooperation and synchronization, political advocacy and access to financial assistance for tourism has helped mitigate the effects of the epidemic and has laid the groundwork for a resumption of tourism in many areas. Country.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called on the delegation to highlight the importance of the General Assembly and UNWTO’s high position on the world agenda, and called on them to work together for a greener future. Inclusive and consistent.

Guterres, ‘I congratulate OMT And I hope that the decisions taken by Secretary-General Pololokashvili and the General Assembly will help restore confidence in travel and help emerging economies move the world safely to reap the benefits of sustainable tourism.

As Secretary-General of the UNWTO Executive Committee for the second time, Mr. The member states voted in person to nominate Pololicashvili, and thanks to this favorable vote, Pololicashvili will lead the UNWTO from 2022 to 2025.

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