September 25, 2022

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Uruguayan scientists regret President’s statement – Prinza Latin

Contradictory GACH experts described the president’s recent statements that the government followed 24 of the 27 recommendations sent out on February 7 to combat the social outbreak of the SARS-CoV-2 virus that caused the outbreak.

Instead, additional measures were rejected, for example, restricting the timing of non-essential shops, the demand that community meetings be held only between co-operatives, or the imposition of telephone calls on non-essential private sector.

“The recommendation to stay at home in detail, for example, goes hand in hand with reducing work activities such as construction or trade, which the manager decided not to do,” they added in a statement to the El Boss newspaper.

It was not included in the immunization campaigns, the guidelines for evaluating and monitoring compliance with government actions, and one of the members of the committee said, ‘For more than a year our work and literary contribution has been neglected by unilateral political gains.’ .

Rafael Roddy, co-ordinator of the GACH, announced that the “end of the cycle” of his performance would be prepared with “elegant exit” in his advisory role for the presidency, which has been marked by controversy in recent months.

Meanwhile, the National Emergency Situations Govt-19 reported 2,908 new positive cases, more than 36,000 active patients, 533 in intensive care and, in addition, 4,460 total 69 deaths from the outbreak from the outbreak.

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