October 4, 2022


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US mission arrives in Haiti to speak with three politicians vying for power after Jovnell Moyes’ death | International | News

The administration of President Joe Biden has also announced that it will send FBI investigative teams to assist in the murder investigation.


According to local media reports, a delegation from the United States will arrive in Port-au-Prince this Sunday with three politicians vying for power in the country following the assassination of President Joanel Moyes.

A diplomatic source was confirmed Efe The trip of the US delegation, but he did not clarify his agenda or planned to meet the caretaker Prime Minister Claude Joseph or the two persons vying for power, Senator Joseph Lambert and the appointed Prime Minister Ariel Henry.

According to local media, the delegation is expected to meet separately with Joseph, who has been in power since the assassination, the indictment last Wednesday, and two other people who claim to be the proper managers to lead Haiti.

One of them is Senate Speaker Joseph Lambert, who was actively appointed by eight senators as Haiti’s interim president last Friday as a challenge to Claude Joseph’s power, to postpone the 2019 elections in an upper house without quorum from January 2020.

However, this Saturday Lambert announced that he was postponing the investment ceremony scheduled for that day because not all of his colleagues showed up.

The government of Claude Joseph, with the open support of the United Nations and the United States, did not react to the appointment of Lambert as interim president.

Ariel Henry was the third politician to claim the right to exercise power after Moisin’s death.

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He was appointed prime minister by an order signed on July 5, a day and a half before his assassination, but was not invested in office due to the death of the president.

The U.S. government has also announced that it will send investigators from the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to Haiti to help investigate the killings. (I)