October 4, 2022


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US – Russia hopes for better dialogue on strategic stability with Brenza Latina

During a discussion at the Security Policy Center in Geneva, Switzerland, we hoped that “a pragmatic approach prevails and that the United States still has the potential to co-operate with Russia to find balanced and mutually acceptable solutions.”

In a statement issued by the TASS news agency, he assured that his country has already provided a comprehensive view of what is desirable to be achieved as a result of bilateral talks on the issue.

Rybkov said the main purpose was to jointly develop a “new security equation that would include key factors of strategic stability.”

He noted that the outcome of the previous day ‘s talks in Geneva was a signal of mutual support between the two sides.

Russia’s deputy foreign minister said they would help confirm the predictions, prevent armed conflict, strengthen arms control and reduce the risk of military conflict.

On that basis, the fact remains that Washington is ready to change its destructive path and achieve such ambitious goals through equal dialogue.

“We need to see if the United States is really ready to respect our legitimate interests and concerns in the defense sector,” he stressed.

According to Ryapko, such conclusions can only be reached if US officials avoid pursuing unilateral achievements in the area of ​​strategic stability.

“It may be difficult for many in Washington to gain unilateral advantage over Russia’s defense spending, as well as attempts to create a variety of political and military pressure tools on geopolitical opponents,” he said.

However, he stressed that we can already talk about some initial results based on looking for common solutions to ongoing problems.

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The previous day, a second meeting of Russian and US diplomatic representatives on strategic stability was held in Geneva, which, according to Rybko, indicated that the parties were willing to move forward, but the presence of some points

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