July 2, 2022


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US war crimes have been confirmed in the Middle East

The report, titled Civilian Casualty Files, reveals that the killings in Syria and Iraq were higher than the officially recorded killings at the time, each of which was considered negligent considering the presence of U.S. troops in more than one location.

In addition, the study estimates that the war in Iraq since 2003 has caused more than a million deaths from numerous airstrikes and other acts of violence.

According to the publication, the most confusing thing is that successive US administrations have regarded the death of civilians as “parallel damage” for political-military purposes, in an attempt to extend US imperial power.

Furthermore, the report emphasizes that the Pentagon and the White House have covered up the purpose of their operations and that no member of the military or government is allowed in, not even domestically.

A family, including children, was killed in Kabul during the Pentagon’s withdrawal from Afghanistan at the end of August this year, outside the period of the published study, but the most recent incident to fit those descriptions.

Due to the widespread publicity of the case, the Department of Defense investigated what happened and concluded that no one was responsible for the assassination, however, no other similar cases with less media coverage in remote areas of Syria and Iraq were analyzed.

Civilian accidents have been released as substantial evidence to prosecute US military and political leaders for war crimes, although in reality this will not happen in the future, the Strategic Cultural Foundation agrees.

The outsider, therefore, insists that Washington has no authority to lecture the rest of the world about human rights and the rule of law, which it considers arrogant at all times.

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The analysis recalls that the United States continued to wage illegal wars around the world that destroyed nations and millions of innocent lives, but recently President Joe Biden wanted to lecture on the supposed virtues of democracy and human rights at a widely criticized summit.

As the publication admits, the major American media was silent on the outcome of the investigation, with the exception of The New York Times, which sought information from outside authors.

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