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Venezuela condemns Colombia’s reports of interference in regional elections

Venezuela condemns Colombia’s reports of interference in regional elections

2021-11-25 11:00:16 / [email protected] / Ana Theresa Patia Valdes

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Venezuela has rejected reports of intervention by Colombian President Ivan Duque, who questioned the transparency of last Sunday’s regional and municipal elections.

Venezuela’s foreign ministry said in a statement on Wednesday that the president was “following in Washington’s footsteps”.

On Twitter, the Foreign Ministry quoted Venezuelan Foreign Minister Felix Placencia as saying: “Latin America speaks of the greatest fraud, the betrayal of its legacy peace treaties and the killing of hundreds of community leaders.The head of South American diplomacy joined.

Documented by the Columbia Institute for Development and Peace Research (Indepaz) from January to November 15.There have been 88 massacres in the neighboring country, 152 leaders and human rights defenders have been killed, and 43 peace signatories (2016) “Recalled the press release.

The Venezuelan Foreign Ministry also issued a second statement rejecting Spain’s position on the election results. “The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela expresses great disappointment at the statement issued today by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the recent regional and municipal elections on November 21.”, The company noted.

He also said that Spain Hundreds of observers and the majority of international election observers created a series of disqualifications and value judgments against the criteria, they witnessed the development of a model election day and qualified the Venezuelan electoral system as one of the most modern. Reliable in the world ”.


In an interview with state-run Venezuela de Television (VTV), Deputy Prime Minister Roy Dasa confirmed that the election process, which culminated in the November 21 referendum, was the result of government-sponsored dialogue, reconciliation and a peace strategy. “We have proposed a path that will take a different path from the invasion and the coup.”Member of the Special Commission for Dialogue, Reconciliation and Peace of the National Assembly (Unified Parliament) said.

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Venezuela condemns Colombia's reports of interference in regional elections

For his part, Ignacio Ramonet, a professor and journalist, played a major role in the electoral process, which combined the political and revolutionary forces of Chavismo.

In an interview with the 360 ​​program aired by Venezuela de Television, Ramonet explained that the only argument that Venezuela’s opponents see in the media is the highlighting of what they call low participation, which does not apply to any reality. . The expert compared the results of the general, presidential, legislative and senatorial elections in Chile with a turnout of 41 percent, 42 percent lower than in Venezuela. In addition, regional and municipal elections were held in the latter country, which came less worldwide than the referendum.

Opposition mayors attack social radio stations

Popular Minister for Communications and Information Freddie Ñáñez has condemned two attacks on social radio stations in the Andrés Bello municipality and Santa Bárbara de Barinas in Merida by newly elected opposition mayors.

From his account on the social networking site Twitter, Ñáñez expressed his solidarity with the workers of La Azulita 103.7 FM radio station in Merida. “I congratulate the brave people of Andres Bello Municipality for defending the radio against this fascist act.”, Reads an excerpt from the tweet. “When the right wing comes to power, the first thing it does is harass social media and alternative media. Mayor Maria Villasmil starts on the wrong foot. We will not allow any more outrage against freedom of expression. “Ez wonders.

The official also pointed out that another attack had taken place in Santa Barbara de Barinas by Mayor Nelson Garcia Mora.In the intoxication of power, he forcibly silenced the explosive social radio 88.7 FM. Know that we value freedom of expression and the honesty of public speakers. “, Concluded the Minister.

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