September 25, 2022

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Venezuela: Intervention by Colombian Vice President rejected

Venezuela’s Vice President, Delcy Rodriguez. Photo: Taken from the Venezuelan Chancellor’s Twitter account.

Venezuela’s Vice President Telsi Rodriguez yesterday rejected Colombian Foreign Minister Marta Lucia Ramares’ attempt to interfere in the dialogue between the government and the opposition in the Mexican capital.

The Venezuelan vice president wrote on his Twitter page that he denies reports of vice president of war and violence Marta Lucia Ramares interfering in his country’s internal affairs.

According to the senior Venezuelan official, Colombia’s vice president, who is in charge of foreign policy, “violates international law and shows deep ignorance of his office as president,” for which he was asked to take care of “her affairs.”

Delcy Rodriguez’s statements respond to comments by a Colombian official about conversations taking place in Mexico.

Marta Lucia Ramரேrez felt that the dialogue between the Venezuelan government representatives and the opposition was not really going to lead to a profound change in Venezuela.

Faced with such statements, the Venezuelan vice president responded by saying that he was trying to teach dialogue in Venezuela when he broke off peace agreements in Colombia.

(Taken from Telesur)

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