September 30, 2022

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Venezuela rejects US spokeswoman Brenza Latina’s statement

In an official statement, they rejected the official’s statement on Monday and promised that the process against the Special Envoy would once again prove that the United States is acting as a powerful global machine for human rights abuses and the most heinous and permanent violations of the international community. OK

The illegal action against Alex Saab Moron, a Venezuelan diplomat and a full member of the government for the dialogue table in Mexico, violates the decision of the current UN Human Rights Council on June 8. Avoid handing him over, the text indicates.

Similarly, it ignores the recommendations of the Special Rapporteur Committee of the United Nations Human Rights Council.

Washington’s hatred and systematic persecution of the Venezuelan people, its latest manifestation, could not be described in any way other than the abduction of Ambassador Chop, in defiance of his diplomatic immunity, relatives without security or proper notice to them, ‘the document says.

The United States, he points out, is not only under pressure and intimidation, but is leading one of the most aggressive occupations known to our Republican history through the criminal economic siege against the country.

He also recalled that diplomats had played a key role in helping the Venezuelan people reduce the negative effects of the criminal blockade on key humanitarian areas such as food, medicine and fuel.

‘The American justice system is independent and, as they claim, it will continue to commit international crimes committed by its allies in the region, i.e. the third largest producer of cocaine and one of the most organized crimes in the world, respectively, or against Juan Guido’s own gang,’ the statement said.

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He reiterated that the Bolivarian government would remain committed to condemning this violation of international law and the protection of human rights, and would seek justice in all cases.

He describes the first trial against Sabu as lying and immoral, pretending to speak for himself on behalf of the Venezuelan people, and in fact he is a barbaric executioner.

It concludes by declaring that Venezuela is committed to maintaining peace, deepening its democratic and revolutionary process, and securing its new and lasting independence.

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